I wanna be with you for 50 years long and longer!

Today is HEAVEN, to say the least. :)
Minus the dispute part. :(
Oh yeah, who says that I can't wake up early in the morning??
Okay I admit, I'm not a morning person and will NEVER be the one.
But today, I prove 'em wrong!
But I spent the whole morning of watching telly.
Duhhh. (+.+)
No worries, I still do some domestic works. :)
Proud to be me! Heh.

I'm freaking happy, got to see my loverboy!
Had planned of having sushi (it's been awhile!!) but ended up scarfing out Kenny Rogers instead..
His treat!
Had planned to smash a film (this time around, my treat!) but he has to send me home earlier..
No joke.

I still don't want call it a night~

Fake smile.
More like my ID card photos though.
Static, motionless!

Not a fake smile I tell you.
The boyfriend forced me to smile until my head was ter-senget sebelah!

Muka tak bersalah nak balik awal!
Damn you!
(not you, but the muffin, too tempting!)
*stomach roars*

I always dream to be Sarah Jessica Parker.
Unfortunately, I do not watch Sex and The City.
I adore her expressive style, though!
And she doesn't even look like she's 45 at all!

Look! (O.o)
She looks younger.
Well, I know I'm still 21.
But sometimes it's okay to dress up more matured. :)

But the simple top like the one she's wearing may retailed up to RM150!
*Gulp!* And of course I can't even afford it.
We don't want that do we?

So here's some example where you can get the same look as hers for less!

(Sorry, I don't have a better snapshot)

I can't remember how much I exactly got all of my steals for.
Hence the approximation.
But I can list up all the estimated price rather them list it down ;

Zebra chiffon sleeveless top from Seashell Junkyard - RM15
Cropped cardigan bought at Bijou Bazaar - RM30
Vintage handbag bought at SA Uptown - RM23
Cotton legging bought at I Love Bazaar - RM20
F21 glasses frame necklace - RM15
Flat shoe from Cotton On - RM30

Total: RM133

Hmm, that's not that bad!
As long as you can always mix and match!
Plus, we can use them over and over again :)
Right people?

And I definitely love a zebra print! Or any animal print, of course! What makes my life happier today was, I have JUST received my zebra print top like the one I'm wearing today and frankly I still didn't wash them! HAHA. The boyfie loves 'em too! *LOVE*

The postage duration is so quick~
One day worth of waiting. Heh.

For a better look at my favorite necklace to date;

I always buy necklaces with a slightly weighty or heavy/large weighty pendant. The weight prevents the pendant from flicking all over when you walk, so you don't have to fix it's position every minute. This especially helps if you have only one-sided detailed pendants. Thus, I hate flimsy accessories! But this seems to be just about the right weight :)

Okay, confession time, when I happen to be at Sunway Pyramid or any shopping malls, I always visit F21. So, when I get in, I'll ensure myself to snatch something, and it's not even necessary, at all. Even though I only have RM20 left, my heart will always says; I MUST buy something. WTF?! But for RM15 a pop, how could I resist?? Ahh I've been madly in love with the jeweleries these days. I do not know why though.. Heh.

Still, 'twas my BIG failure, simply melting.
Note to self; Must.Be.Firm!
This can't be healthy!

Next hunt;
A fedora & rings!
But fedora is retailed up to RM70.
It's out of my league yo.
*flying kick muka sendiri!*
(I've been flying kick myself so often recently. This is not good.)

Thank you, absolutely can't wait for another treats!
Kudos to him.

P/S: Mum says that my zebra top makes me looked like a matured adult. SPOT ON!! *muka taktahu malu*
P/P/S: As long as it looks 'sopan' for me, Mr Sayang surely loves 'em! Kan syg?
P/P/S2: I can't wait to see my darling Ain & Ayu! It's been ages since the last time we met, if I don't go, EPIC FAIL! :(