Last Day of Magic.

I am on track! Literally.
I've just got my life back.
Thank god~
Unfortunately, it's may be our last day of magic.
Just maybe...
I hope I still get another chances.

'Twas Christmas's night. Kinda sombre as we don't have any plans. But...'twas magical night to remember! I felt like my head has filled with dreams of castle in the sky, magical unicorns and the fabled happily ever after. (e.g : Cinderella) Am I sound crazy? Oh well, I don't care!

The night we spent pigging out McD (again, his treat!) and the most remarkable moment; off to the nearest playground (somewhere in Taipan, cannot visit in SA, bahaya!) just for a few minutes on the swings were the one of the brightest and happiest moment ever I have. Really.

He was so cute.
See what he did;

His devil's stick fries.

Look what we did at the playground...

Did a 'lil camwhoring, as always.
Do not laugh.
My favorite snapshot to date!
Nak kena gigit ke?

Gedik swing.
*flips hair*
I can't even sit properly on it :/
The playground, Loverboy and I.


And on every visit you'd remind me that if I go high enough, I can be one with the skies. When I'm reach there, I'm free, nothing can touch me and be scared of. Even as a child I was, I understood that it was one of the best and the most craved after feeling there is in the world; to be untouchable. I miss that feeling, even now. Insane as it is, I believed every word because it actually felt like it was.....oh so true. I felt the carefree freedom then, still do now-sometimes. Maybe I'm not so jaded after all? Maybe that's why I will suddenly find myself in random playgrounds when I needed reassurance that the world ain't that bad. But nowadays, I don't usually go in the middle of the night alone. I'll ask him to keep me accompany. Since I'm so fucked up now, what is the better place to get away anyway?

It gave the happiest rejoicing in my life. I'm glad we made a visit last night. Call it as a magic. Not forgetting the swing. My favorite swing is no longer, only the frame remains, hasn't a lone metal chain. But thank god, a swing in the other end of the playground was still inviolate. Even I did fear that the chains would snap with my fat ass on it, I went as high as it may go.. Bliss~

My favorite playground (near my house) is now a dump. Yes it is, I shall never deny that now can I? But it is my dump! Our dump. And for god's sake, the magic still remains. We're still the same. The playground and I. Amongst the wear and tear, I believed we both still have our sparks. :)

Merry Christmas everyone.

(p/s: Last day of magic. Not~)