Not Just A Dream.

Everyone close to me knows the fact that I SUCK at saving money, like seriously!
You can see now, I'm dead broke.
*opens the wallet, moths fly~
I am such a weakling twirp.

Thus, the feeble attempt to start a little business in order to help (somewhat) minimise my financial sufferings! And for now, I've started with selling off my kesayangan clothes. *sobsob* And my first customer is the bestie girl aka the girl next door, cannot tell her name here. Thank you for at least interested with my kesayangan. But, you bought almost 70% of my dearly clothes, fuck you! Grrr~

Here's the thing, I have already sold 2 tops, a cropped blazer/sweater (my all-time favorite yo), a beautiful dress I bought at I Love Bazaar for once that I only wear for trying purpose(!) , 2 jeans (I did wear those only twice!), a hot pants that is still virgin, and the last thing is my cotton baju kurung that I absolutely wanna get rid of. And they were only cost her not more than 150 MYR! Damn, she's so lucky to have a super cool friend like me, really! Told ya, I'm so easy to please~

I'm (literally) a better buyer than a seller.
I'm basically screwed! As screwed as fuck.

I should opt for selling things that I definitely hate because I can't imagine surrounding myself with such beautiful things makes me want to buy more than the buyers were to. F*ck me. I will not be stormed and surprised that if my boy decide to prepare a treatment/intervention for me. Kill me.

Though I still think that I don't really sell a 'decent' items for, I thought who the fuck cares, what's stopping me from starting it?? Oh well, I'll start small, but at least I've started it! I'm just wanna get some money, this is only option I have now to keep me survive.. Heck, I'm truly sad for my loss.. :/

I am THAT shallow!


After all much of my bloody emo crap, I've finally got rid of it.
And I've got 3 free tickets entering the goddamn snow thing-a-magicka at I-City!
'Twas MAGIC to say the least. Yay!!!
(I-City and I, never be apart ey? Heh.)

And I surely chose Loverboy to accompany me. And the other one ticket was not a waste! We sold it for 15 MYR, the selling price is 25 MYR. Not bad for my magic selling this time around huh! Oh well, if I sell them to the closed ones, I definitely will be easy melting like a fucking ice-creams..

I still got another magics the other day, made me smile.
*still smiling even writing it*
And this time around, the dream weren't just a dream.
We really have our own castle, with a magical snowflakes, living like a king & queen (no longer a prince & princess!) and the fabled happily ever after?

I felt like I was the Cinderella/Snow White/Rapunzel or Snow White, uhh..you name it! (it shows the least fairy tale I ever know) Heh.
And he was the king~
Am insane as it is.

Since 1 picture = 1 000 words, I loaded a bunch of pics instead :)

Muka gila happy coz I'm in the igloo~
So cute.
Don't make a cute face, please?
I'm regret not trying this one.
I shall blame myself for not wearing something thick/warming.
I wore a sheer legging for god's sake.
Padan muka.
The queen?
The servant.
Penggali snowflakes is much better.. HAHA!
"Lihatlah rumah saya!"
Spot the queen of elephants. Heh.
He likes play with the horse butt.
And waiting for the horseshit out eh?
No caption needed.
Peace, no WWIII!
B*rak on the huge ass grasshopper!
I want a pet just like this, the real one.
That would be so cool.
I want it SO badly!
No caption needed.
And this, I want this!
*with eye closed, feel his heartbeat*
Pity panda~
Was waiting my magical unicorns at the magical tree!
I could freeze to death in this damn castle!
The face shows the pain...
I so want this for our little princes & princesses.

My favorite snapshot to date:

I love that cute gloves.
Makes me wanna visit our magical castle, again!

I know, I'm still stuck with my financial woes.
But who doesn't have??
With piles of that problems in my way, I'm pretending that I don't have any.
*flying kick perut sendiri*
Shall looking forward to the debut of my blogshop.
Stay tuned!

The darling has already planned a bunch of things to do for the new year's eve.
And I may not able to be there.
Hmmm. :(
As long as I'm with the boyfriend, I'll be damn happy! :)