The Somewhere.

Today's rants:

Haters gonna hate.

Liars gonna lie.

Stalkers gonna stalk.

Perverts gonna perve! (pun intended)

I seem to be telling that to myself a lot lately.
Prolly won't get to stop too, ever. :/

I'll never trust you. With who? Why? I'll never tell.
I certainly detest being super fucking nice to everybody.
I am so over it.
Because I know I'll get nothing in return.
So back off!

People should mind their own fucking business.


It's been awhile...
Sorry for my disappearing act.
Been very busy with wedding events, holidays, and my boring life~
I should stop playing those stupid games!
And the hibernating.
Urgh, I couldn't help it.. Heh.

It's been a total anomaly, the last three weeks or so. Since the degree results were out, I haven't been at my best, health wise, since I usually plume myself for being the most healthy one. Fuck it. So......this is how it feels like. I think I can't write anymore. My journals have been lack in updates and I seem to be failing in writing any shit. I jumble up my words, lose my train of thoughts before I turn off the lights, threading together immature sentences that are so rottenly..lame. It still puzzles me to no end how this can be so painfully volatile. Not to say that I'm frail. Just unlucky, perhaps.

Where have all my insane sacrosanct vibes gone to?
Please come back.

Anyhow, it's quite obvious that I've been terribly stressed out. That...and the fact that I've lost the mood to do anything with the piles of problems in my way.. I know I still have many things to do but I was too darn lazy to get to it. *bash head on wall*

Thank god, I had finally resolved those pesky problems. :)
I should thank to my dearly Farah. THANK YOU!
I owe you one.

Malacca, here I come~

I will upload of some cool snapshots soon..