It's been 20 days now since I arrived in Seri Iskandar. And how 'joyfull' i am is beyond of what I expected. I thought at first, Segamat was more awful then SI. To think again, I was wrong.

I do not want to wear a tie on monday!
I do want to wear my faded jeans to classes(since I don't have a proper jeans)
I do not want to wear ID card all the time when im in campus
Most of all, I do not like to be in a situation where Im really far with you.

I do not want to miss you! But, I really really am missing you.

I miss to be with you, having the mee hoon. Eating claypot. Hanging at the field with you. Having some lone time together. I miss all of that. Feels like its so long ago when we did all of those.

Its really depressing to miss someone that deeply. But I do want to miss you, because I really do wanna be with you. I hate counting days to meet you. I just wanna count the hours when Im with you.

I think I need you by my side all the time. You have to be in my sights 24/7. Otherwise Im going nuts.

Don't you dare doubt my love, or not I'll smackdown you! Believe me, All my love is fully on you (except the love for my family), With non blood related, you have every love of mine.

I dunno what you are feelings, what you are doing. And sometimes it scares me to the point where I lost my thinking.

Today I played a big fat cat video, and all the sudden it reminds me of you. The biggest cat-lover I ever known which I found very sexy. I remembered much moment when you played with a cat. I guess all the cats that past by infront you, you would go "comel nye kucing tu!". When we're get married, Im gonna build you a cat house and you can feed all the cats you want.

I dreams of u couple of days ago. I was driving and suddenly my eyes went blind. luckily u steer the steering and saved us from accident. I wake up and I smile. I know I can rely on everything on you, I am sure that you are the one.

Next month, we'll be reaching a milestone for us. I can't describe how happy I am together with you. The journey have been like walking on fire and water, pain and laugh. What really important is we live our lives together. I can't write everything in here, must save something for the wishes next month. hehe.

Can't wait for the year anniversary, It's going to be 'magic'!!

p/s: I need you, now!