Pokai !

Explorace was...blah and now I ache, my body ache, my arms, my legs, my tummy...don't even get me stated with my tummy. I flinch, laughing can now cause serious stabs of pain. I can't even walk properly. And my head is ramming like some wannabe rocker is wreaking havoc in my head. *huge sigh* But I still have fun nevertheless since 'twas my trivial achievement evolving something healthy and achy-breaky, though we failed to be a winner, there's still a hurrah moment, at least for me. : )

Had interviewed with two tourists from Italy. (it's the part of the Explorace's game) They're SO pretty and cool. And we are the first group who finished the task but failed at the last check point when the stupid crew has treated one-sided, this is unfair. Boo !

At least I know the shortcut route to go Dataran Pahlawan from the hostel in only 10 minutes of walking. Yikes! Have got invigorated my history lesson too; finally know who is the founder of A'Famosa- Alfonso de Albuquerque. Tee-hee~

Still waiting for the snapshots from Cik Laling- Teha.
Will upload it soon.


Introducing my new baby;

Kak Nurul bought me this.
My teddy's partner.
Still don't have any names.
I called it as Diya (my classmate) for the time being.
*note the sarcasm*
Hihi !

The name is Bubu.
Had met this cutey fatty hamster when sleepover at Shina's.


On the brighter note:

So happy. *do victory dance*
Just got my dress from Preloved Bargain.
Shall be my first time received the parcel at the college.
I can't depict the feeling though.
And now... *open wallet, moth flies out, see cobwebs*
F*ck! This is BAD.
No yeay. T_T

I'm not really into floral dress but this, is an exception!
Just for experimenting myself.
I wish I don't look like a dude with a boobs.
Oh it only costs me MYR 15. : )
Just the right price for me~

Hey hey!
I have no problem with my money management. (statement yakin!!)
I have to pay things here and there, this and that.
Esp. related to my academics.
I couldn't help it, can I?
What I can do is detesting it.
Am feeling sorry for myself. (-.-)"

Money money money, please hear my plea and come my way!


Spoiler alert; Oh, not forget to mention, I have missed out my favorite bazaar; I Love Bazaar and Pekan Frinjan 17 & Bijou Bazaar ! Urgh ! Talk about rotten luck. I so want to see them; Shop Flashback, Vintage Rockstar & Anaabu ! Their stuff are really IN for me. *excruciated sigh*

Another two couple of tourists from Singapore I've met the other day. They asked for the direction of the River Cruise, 'twas really nice talking to them, they only walked from somewhere to go there in the middle of the dead weather! Sigh, I'd rather die. The old man is actually from Canada, he has even told me that I look like an Uranian (?) HAHA. How on earth I look like one eh? Perasan jap. And the woman looked really pretty with tudung. I adore them. But the thing that amazed me was, they're really sweet couple. Somehow, I felt warm inside just looking them walking together, made me missing 'someone'. But oh (!) I forgot to tell them that the River Cruise looks more beautiful for the night visit! Way romantic & lovely. Been wanting to go there with 'someone'. Heh.

p/s: Still thinking to see Loverboy when I have a chance. Just found that I have no test on the 22nd ! Yay !

p/p/s: Diya is at her home, and I'm so green with jealousy now. She'll bribe me a pizzas if I help her doing her laundry. Will figure it out soon ! HAHA ! Who doesn't want a pizzas for free right guys ?