"You'll never find it, if you're looking for it."

WARNING: Pictures heavy post (!)

I will go berserk myself if I'd stop updating.
(As you've already know, that I am such a super sloth!)
Thanks, if you do wait patiently for this.
Oh only God knows how much I miss blogging~
(rambling is more like it!)

It's February already. (when will this ends??) Oh well, I still think I've just started the semester here. And please note that I am not myself lately. I am a klutz and I forget things, even just in a wink! I can't even remember what day it is. WTF?! Diya (the housemate/classmate) is intensely studying QMT whereas I now stumble upon lappy playing games, madly. I'm supposed to start on my huge-arse-piles of overdue works. This is all because of THAT stupid games! As always, I'm online, doing everything BUT my work. I'm such a bloody genius. Urgh, I need to revamp and stop whining ! This is no good for my standard nowadays. :/

On the bright side, am participating Explorace this Saturday. Not the real one like on the TV lah. But still, it's an experience and for my KI's marks for god's sake, so why the F not? I hope we can win something. Been wanting to try this for so long. Weehoo! :D

The holidays came and went.(I still don't think I had enough! Never.) Even without a blast vacation, it made me happy. Now that the holidays are over, I really don't know how to feel.. I hate this feeling. I thought that packing my bags and leaving were just fine with me. (since I've been evolved much strength to do so) But I was wrong, I'm not very VERY sure. Shallow gila kan? Humph. :/

Speaking of the holidays, I've promised myself to see Loverboy in every single day, but we've failed to meet for only one day jela but I was happy nevertheless. I've finally figured things out, like controlling my failure; my short temper. Hehe.

Since I am 'pemalas', I'm making this as short as possible!
Here's the recap;

-Strawberry Fields
-As usual, I streamed my woes to the boyfriend.
-Patched up everything.
-SO happy!
-Starting to grab my life back.

-Had accompanied my darling Farah to meet her 'lil bro.
-Had binged KFC for lunch with Farah & Maizan
-Opted to squeeze time with movie-Khurafat instead of watching my boy playing futsal. -_-"
-I simply love hanging out with her, just the two of us!

-The Curve with him again.
-Despite the fact that I've cancelled to meet the darlings, I felt SO guilty. :/
-Oh well, still have another time to lepak.
-Movie time, again!!
-Was a splendid night to say the least :)

-Let's picture do the talking;
Maintain cool.

Muka tak puas hati. :D

Dah start nak jadi gila.

Hah! *ROFL!*

Back to normal.

Had smashed The Way Back.
Was a good movie despite the long running period.
But I still enjoyed it to the fullest.
Even people may think it was a boring movie, who say that action movie can't be boring??
We chose this movie instead of The Green Hornet.
No regrets.
Thank you, syg!


-KFC again, this time around with my Loverboy!
-The egg tarts was freaking yummy~

-Was studying QMT at Taipan.
-And the magic !

-I've just got my parcels! New babies to date! Yay~
-Was happy because of the cheaper price I got, rather than the other blogshop.
-But the dress, I need to do some alteration of the length.
-Felt SO grumpy/agitated and psyched out over things on me.
-Poor boyfriend, he has to cajoled me and glutted ourselves with Tutti Frutti!
-Oh before that, we visited/kacau-ed Bahiyah at her work's place until her face turned out blushing!

Tutti Frutti with Kitty~


-Trip to PD!
-Aznie & Azrin, Amer, Loverboy and I.
-Shopping time at Bandi Bandi Bundle? (forgot the name!), bought a long dress and cardie, only costs me at MYR10! Absolutely worth it! Can't wait to rock the frock! Yay :D
-Playing the sandy beach and the talks, was a feel good time, ever.
-Of beautiful stars, Loverboy and I- HEAVEN!
-BUT my camera is sick now! Ayah will kill me! :(
-Have enjoyed pigging out super yummy ABC at Section 2 right after we reached SA.
-Again, the magic.

Eee, comel kan !
Almost die by the hot weather !
Like OMG!!
Haven't tried that swimming goggle!
Funny snapshots here and there.
But I only upload a few.

-Oh, my dress just finished with some adjustment so that I can wear it that day!
-Had spent time well with my sister instead of my cantik Eka & Fiza, SO sorry guys!
-Sakae Sushi & have met Baby Mikael at her place, for the second time.
-He's CUTE! Bliss!
-She gave me a new teddy, will upload the picture soon! MAJOR love!
-Had dyed my long locks to brown black-it looked jet black anyways.
-Starting to love the colors. :)
-Glad to meet my darling Miza (finally!!) & Aznie before I leave SA.
-I'm SO gonna miss them!!
-Ended my night having dinner with Loverboy, who else??
-Starting to blame on time, why flies so fast! I HATE IT.

But I still enjoyed my holidays!
Had fun to the end!
I ate so much!
I absolutely LOVE this.

So, I don't feel sorry for me.
Because I'm one lucky girl who has everything I need in life. :)

PS: I haven't even touched any of my homeworks!
PPS: The 2nd Anniversary is on the Tuesday, I might not be able to meet him. Kill me!