I hate being MIA.

Last week I have to enjoy myself with Community Service. :)
Was a doozy. ('twas also VERY tiring)
Albeit the makan-makan part, if I live there more than 3 days, I'll be SO faaaaat!
Hence, I have missed so much bazaars and not to forget the MGMT concert. :(
Oh, just found out that we have a seminar to attend this Saturday. O.o
And it is compulsory. :'(
Yippee. :D
(note the sarcasm)

I now think that the world won't let me to get a life.
*bash head on the wall*

I miss the boyfriend.
I have not spent time with him for what seems like ages.
I hope he could understands.

The finals are about to start! GAH!
It suddenly freaks me out.
It is just a pain in the arse.
This whole thing is really love-hate relationship eh?
Most importantly, I cannot wait for holidays!
I want to focus with the small business.
So yeah.

I don't think I'm on the right track.
I know what I want, but I really think I've bitten on more than I can chew.
What I'm chasing after, I still can't get.
And what I have, I'm letting it slip through the cracks.

I'm beyond thwarted.

On a related note; I'm more pissed with those who think that they 'know' me.
They make remarks about me and tell to the boyfriend what they think about me here.
When the fuck did I gedik with other guys here you tell me!

Yes, to be frank, I'm the person who is VERY kepoh.
But it doesn't mean I'm gedik with boys!
I'm only closed with a few selected people, really.
You can count on with your fucking jari jemari how many boys I did talk with.
Yes, people even once called me as budak sombong. (but deep down inside, I'm VERY shy person and do not argue with me about it!)
So don't you dare make a comments about something you have no idea about!
And please know that I'm not afraid of you spying me here.
Because what I know is I do the right things, indeed.

The other thing is about tudung.
Okay fine, I wore tudung on OPKIM/community service.
The lecturer asked the students to do so.
Three days with tudung.
And please note that I wore it WITH discretion.
Oh I don't give a F about people who's mocking me said I was acting like a plastic people and just berlakon being nice.
I was like, WTF?
What the fuck?!!!!!!

Did I use your fucking money for being nice and wearing a tudung?
Will we share the same grave when we die?
Did your mommy/daddy tells you to shut the fuck up and be polite to others?
Did your mommy/daddy ever taught you THAT?

You've just crossed the line and I do not approve it.
Personally, I don't turn into 'smart arse' when it comes to your personal life.
So stay the fuck out of mine.
Terima kasih.

If only I could break your jaws and make you stumble upon me and fall..
If only..

(Will update later. A mountain of works are waiting for me!)