Oh no.....!

Quick update!
(I have a date with Loverboy later!)

I committed two big mistakes.

1. I woke up at 8 am when I have a QMT test on 8.30 am and I haven't even finished studying. I DID set the alarm for god's sake! That and the fact that I just can't seem to force myself to study, my brain simply shuts down. BUT, I still managed to do some little business! And Loverboy was the first customer nonetheless, and the trade was so easy preasy, since I just need to choose a purchasing for myself. Teehee~

Please visit us and have a look!;

2. I've lost my precious 'kesabaran' yesterday. My friends and I supposed to buy a bus tickets to Shah Alam, not Seremban. But due to the tickets has already sold out, we have nothing left to choose. We'd still wanna go home nevertheless, nothing can stop us. And I will never stop by at Terminal 1, I HATE that place. Hence, my body ache. The situation was freaking madness!

Business is doing just fine.
Kudos to Nadia Syazwani & Nor Syazwani.
And thank you too Meow for helping me.
And to my mom, dad, Loverboy and to YOU.
Eceh, macam award speech pulak !
Without them THIS will never happen to my life.
And I find myself that being nice to people is really needed.
Tolerance go both ways. :)
I really hope that The Tarakuchacha will never end.

P/S: I am so SORRY for being MIA. The student life makes me getting old. Old and LAZY. Heh.