Red Sepatu and I

I've decided to do this, and I'm gonna carry it through.
I just hope I can pull it off alone.
I guess updating Red Sepatu every single day need more work than I thought.
I can't actually say it is onerous, but it's so worth it. (esp. when you get the seed money~)
It makes me feel like I've actually attain something..

The thrill of seeing the items sold is amazing. (esp. when it reached 5 items dealt per day)
When someone says that I'll be having a shop alone in the future, I'll just laugh, daydreaming.
But now, I can't imagine if I'm not doing it, it was somehow addictive.
Who would have thought that I'll do something like this??
I guess it's true that you would do anything in a time of need.
This is the only way I know to survive without attacking my parent's wallet much, even if I still do, but this time around in minimum amount la, kot. *giggles*
I'll try to save up my seed money (I PROMISE!) to buy a ready stock and sell it in a bazaars.

Oh, speaking of bazaar, we'll be joining this;
(As vendors, not vendee any more!)

Date: 23rd of July, Saturday
Venue: Kompleks 3K, Subang Jaya
Time: 10 am - 11.30 pm

Shall be our first bazaar! Click here for more details.
*super excited!*
We'll share booth with a new friend called Syafika.
Being nice to others is much needed, bliss!

Red Sepatu has frantically managed to make friends with a total strangers slash customers slash online shop owners. This SO not me. I'm a super shy esp. with a new people. Really, do NOT laugh! But I must agree with Shereena Saini, (another new friends, she's the founder of The Marketplace and she's really nice to me) the business makes us being talkative and friendly to people. Have been sharing ideas/info/experiences, we've even planning to shopping stuff wholesale together! I really can't wait to have 1K in my account. Haha. Again, simply being nice to others work wonders And even you guys don't read this, thank you! Ahh~ what a good kickstart of being 22! The world loves me after all~

One thing worries me now is..I still need to find many things for the event.. Of the rack, more selling items and all. I am beyond nervous thinking about it, because if it doesn't hits my target, I'm basically screwed. As screwed as fuck.. I hope I can pull it off.. I hope thing goes well. I really need to retrieve my seed money...

Click RED SEPATU and have fun with us!

p/s: Spoiler alert(!) : will start working tomorrow. I'm worried if I don't have time for RS, esp. throughout posting all shoes. Arghhhhh! I need help!



If I love you, would you love me back?
(Words have been failing me these days.)

Any thoughts?

"When I look at my life and its secret colors, I feel like bursting into tears. Like that sky, it’s rain and sun both, noon and midnight. You know, I think of the lips I’ve kissed, and of the wretched child I was, and of the madness of life and the ambition that sometimes carries me away. I’m all those things at once. I’m sure there are times when you wouldn’t even recognize me. Extreme in misery, excessive in happiness — I can’t say it."

- Albert Camus


The Overactive Imagination and I

My 22nd birthday came and went..
Without a blast birthday party, a huge birthday cake nor even a full birthday song.
When the clock hit 12, I was in the cinema, having a movie with Loverboy.
Had a dinner at a posh restaurant, The Apartment was amazing.
A peanut butter cheese cake was a pure yum.
Even managed to have a little catch up with bestie.
I came to realize that I might not have many friends, but those I have, are real..
Ultimately, that is all that matters.
Just like I've imagined it to be.
Very the simple things that make me happy.

I like to wish people's birthday or giving a surprises to some of my friends but I don't like they do the same thing in returns. I know it sounds a tad silly but that is what I feel about it. I don't expect people to give me a birthday present (really!) nor a birthday wishes cause I don't like the idea of prompting slash reminding me that I'm getting older. But I can't never say that I wasn't happy because at least they remember my born day there is. :) With warm thanks to all of my friends.

The boyfriend surprised me with a cute slash endearing slash sweet gift, nah, the gift wasn't that cute but he is. Oh I still love the gift anyway, no doubt with that! Most importantly, he treated me really good, finally a man who understands that I don't need everything in the world, a woman just need to be treated right. Hence, I don't feel sorry for me this time around, because I'm one lucky woman who has everything I need in life.....

Been reading Olivia Joules recently.

One of my favorites on my Rules for Living list was no one is thinking about you, they're just thinking about themselves. So here is my new reminder for my 22nd birthday:

I'm all I've got. I'm going to be complete in myself. I'm not going to give a shit about anything any more. I'm going to work out my own good and bad. I'm going to do something different and do something that matters. I'm going to search this shitty world for some beauty and excitement and I'm going to have a bloody good time. :)

Formal intro to this bloggie:
Amal, Dia and Moi.
Both gilo!


(the face showed I was like takleh terima hakikat that I'm 22 already)

ps: the title is actually for my previous post! :P
pps: been swamping myself with plans for my birthday boy, gahhh, I need help!


Used to be my lullaby;

I could make you happy
Make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends
Of the Earth for you
To make you feel my love


Still Alive.

I'm back........


It's been awhile.... I was caught up with hectic life. It has been pretty rough on me these days. I haven't been in good condition, been hampering a lot. Didn't manage to eat properly, neither do I have a time to get a proper sleep, as per usual I'm being such a laaaazy cat especially throughout holidays. *giggles*

For the previous month, it was smooth despite the fact that it was in exam mode or is it just me who is too laaaazy for studying? Ngeee! Then things started to go all wrong. One after another. From the intersession classes, the little business, the relationship, the part-time job issues, the family issues, the financial woes. BIG time. And the list continues....

I really hope that I could manage my little business very well. I don't put high hope on it. BUT this is what I really want for all this time, this is my wet dreams.. I'd put aside my other responsibilities because of this, even I know I can't actually do that. Poor my neglected boyfie and bloggie~

Thank you for your support, people! I really do appreciate it. The boyfriend has been very understanding and supportive! Couldn't imagine if I don't have him around. :(

And to quash the misery of mine, I did something incredibly stunned. Don't be deceived, I was just fooling myself with ice-skating, karaoke-ing, smashing movie time and the list goes on... HAHA! Yeah, nothing much. BUT not forget to mention, more money out the window! (>__<)"


P/S: I'll put some caption soon. :)