The Overactive Imagination and I

My 22nd birthday came and went..
Without a blast birthday party, a huge birthday cake nor even a full birthday song.
When the clock hit 12, I was in the cinema, having a movie with Loverboy.
Had a dinner at a posh restaurant, The Apartment was amazing.
A peanut butter cheese cake was a pure yum.
Even managed to have a little catch up with bestie.
I came to realize that I might not have many friends, but those I have, are real..
Ultimately, that is all that matters.
Just like I've imagined it to be.
Very the simple things that make me happy.

I like to wish people's birthday or giving a surprises to some of my friends but I don't like they do the same thing in returns. I know it sounds a tad silly but that is what I feel about it. I don't expect people to give me a birthday present (really!) nor a birthday wishes cause I don't like the idea of prompting slash reminding me that I'm getting older. But I can't never say that I wasn't happy because at least they remember my born day there is. :) With warm thanks to all of my friends.

The boyfriend surprised me with a cute slash endearing slash sweet gift, nah, the gift wasn't that cute but he is. Oh I still love the gift anyway, no doubt with that! Most importantly, he treated me really good, finally a man who understands that I don't need everything in the world, a woman just need to be treated right. Hence, I don't feel sorry for me this time around, because I'm one lucky woman who has everything I need in life.....

Been reading Olivia Joules recently.

One of my favorites on my Rules for Living list was no one is thinking about you, they're just thinking about themselves. So here is my new reminder for my 22nd birthday:

I'm all I've got. I'm going to be complete in myself. I'm not going to give a shit about anything any more. I'm going to work out my own good and bad. I'm going to do something different and do something that matters. I'm going to search this shitty world for some beauty and excitement and I'm going to have a bloody good time. :)

Formal intro to this bloggie:
Amal, Dia and Moi.
Both gilo!


(the face showed I was like takleh terima hakikat that I'm 22 already)

ps: the title is actually for my previous post! :P
pps: been swamping myself with plans for my birthday boy, gahhh, I need help!