Red Sepatu and I

I've decided to do this, and I'm gonna carry it through.
I just hope I can pull it off alone.
I guess updating Red Sepatu every single day need more work than I thought.
I can't actually say it is onerous, but it's so worth it. (esp. when you get the seed money~)
It makes me feel like I've actually attain something..

The thrill of seeing the items sold is amazing. (esp. when it reached 5 items dealt per day)
When someone says that I'll be having a shop alone in the future, I'll just laugh, daydreaming.
But now, I can't imagine if I'm not doing it, it was somehow addictive.
Who would have thought that I'll do something like this??
I guess it's true that you would do anything in a time of need.
This is the only way I know to survive without attacking my parent's wallet much, even if I still do, but this time around in minimum amount la, kot. *giggles*
I'll try to save up my seed money (I PROMISE!) to buy a ready stock and sell it in a bazaars.

Oh, speaking of bazaar, we'll be joining this;
(As vendors, not vendee any more!)

Date: 23rd of July, Saturday
Venue: Kompleks 3K, Subang Jaya
Time: 10 am - 11.30 pm

Shall be our first bazaar! Click here for more details.
*super excited!*
We'll share booth with a new friend called Syafika.
Being nice to others is much needed, bliss!

Red Sepatu has frantically managed to make friends with a total strangers slash customers slash online shop owners. This SO not me. I'm a super shy esp. with a new people. Really, do NOT laugh! But I must agree with Shereena Saini, (another new friends, she's the founder of The Marketplace and she's really nice to me) the business makes us being talkative and friendly to people. Have been sharing ideas/info/experiences, we've even planning to shopping stuff wholesale together! I really can't wait to have 1K in my account. Haha. Again, simply being nice to others work wonders And even you guys don't read this, thank you! Ahh~ what a good kickstart of being 22! The world loves me after all~

One thing worries me now is..I still need to find many things for the event.. Of the rack, more selling items and all. I am beyond nervous thinking about it, because if it doesn't hits my target, I'm basically screwed. As screwed as fuck.. I hope I can pull it off.. I hope thing goes well. I really need to retrieve my seed money...

Click RED SEPATU and have fun with us!

p/s: Spoiler alert(!) : will start working tomorrow. I'm worried if I don't have time for RS, esp. throughout posting all shoes. Arghhhhh! I need help!