Still Alive.

I'm back........


It's been awhile.... I was caught up with hectic life. It has been pretty rough on me these days. I haven't been in good condition, been hampering a lot. Didn't manage to eat properly, neither do I have a time to get a proper sleep, as per usual I'm being such a laaaazy cat especially throughout holidays. *giggles*

For the previous month, it was smooth despite the fact that it was in exam mode or is it just me who is too laaaazy for studying? Ngeee! Then things started to go all wrong. One after another. From the intersession classes, the little business, the relationship, the part-time job issues, the family issues, the financial woes. BIG time. And the list continues....

I really hope that I could manage my little business very well. I don't put high hope on it. BUT this is what I really want for all this time, this is my wet dreams.. I'd put aside my other responsibilities because of this, even I know I can't actually do that. Poor my neglected boyfie and bloggie~

Thank you for your support, people! I really do appreciate it. The boyfriend has been very understanding and supportive! Couldn't imagine if I don't have him around. :(

And to quash the misery of mine, I did something incredibly stunned. Don't be deceived, I was just fooling myself with ice-skating, karaoke-ing, smashing movie time and the list goes on... HAHA! Yeah, nothing much. BUT not forget to mention, more money out the window! (>__<)"


P/S: I'll put some caption soon. :)