All I wanted was you.

I came to you for solace, when no family nor boyfriend can prolly understand when I'm in a quandary, you'd always be there through bad and good times, for once. You happened to be my support system awhile back. You kept my head above the water, you used to be my protector. I did weep whenever I needed you or missing you, I was that shallow. When I stared at our precious ring, my heart shattered into pieces..

I shall be grateful and keep you forever for all of the shit you've pulled me out of and the adversity we've been gone through together. You've always pushed me to be stronger and never have a faith in a relationship. But things have to be changed. I know we've fought before and 'twas my mistakes, I shall understand why we tend to fade away.. Or I guess we're just..strayed? Too busy with our little lives.

And I for one, missing our old memories.. How did it changed this bad? You've never called me or even answered all of my calls, I've tried to understand but sometimes I'd thought I was no longer your favorite. Maybe it was my fault. And for that and everything else, I am sorry. I'm happy for just seeing you happy there without me. (through facebook no less!!) And I profusely say that no one can have what we have, I'll be goddamn stupid for letting us go, so please come back and I will be waiting with open arms.

I miss you.

But does she misses me too?