Just began working part time at Tangs, Empire, with my darling yesterday. I know it's abit late, but I don't care, I want pocket money for paying rents starting this September. To summarize the impression about it into one word; HECTIC! Even the working hours are short from 6 - 10 pm, I prolly can managed to sleep early, that's mean I'm really fagged. Woah, this is no joke. Or may be it's just me that had been super lazy arse throughout the holidays, after a long time of mollycoddling myself. So yeah. It's hard work baby. But thank Lord I managed to handle my little business straight away after works. Superwoman eh? (=.=)"

This was taken after we finished our working.
Still wearing the name tag as you can see.
Very industrious.

Anyhow, I can't wait to join the Rock The Youth event this Saturday! BIG TIME yo! I hope everything goes well, am crossing my fingers though..

One thing struck me was.... I suck at saving money. Seriously. I've just bought 4 dresses and a shirt! I'm an EPIC FAILURE. I thought running a business would somehow help my financial sufferings. Haha! I'm just daydreaming~

Environing myself with such pretty things makes me want to buy them more!! But I think that wasn't the good point, because I still shopping frantically with or without starting my little business. I think it's in my gene. To make the matter worse is when I'm working at Tangs these days, I found myself something to grab, I've even selected a few things to put on my shopping list. They're so tempting! Plus, they're on SALES!! Arghhhhhh~

This is BAD!
It needs restating;

My poor man who marries me must have a lardy pocket. I will not be surprised if he decides to kick me off to shopping rehab to relieve the misery of mine. :/


What spooked me was this;

Dear Azni,

Nobody's gonna like you.

Yours truly,
The World