Weight of The World.

By now, I'm supposedly to wrap all the parcels of shoes that to be posted tomorrow. (I wish I will be able to wake up in the morning) But what am I doing now is shopping...online. Dang! And it's 3 frigging a.m. Ahhh, I'm seriously need a firm fortitude to actually stop shopping. Some say, 'shop till you drop'. And I say 'do not stop until you drop'. Or may be it's a distress that have been gravelling me a lot..

I bought one more shoe and that is final, no more buying shoes! I think I really need them, it's an oxford shoes kot.. And one more skirt, and it's a mesh body con skirt! Also a cute lace mesh top adn a rosette trim top, a very cute one. And and.. *semput..* Oh not forget to mention, I've bought a vintage necklace too! Now, I feel.. oh so complete!

To make the matter worse now am ordering another four vintage dresses... I think I'll never get enough of it.. *Sighs* (I am sighing way too much these days!)

Note to self:
Sort out your priorities!

I think I should just stop. Red Sepatu is not even making me richer. They're making me poorer.. But ends up with a feeling so much happier!

Oh please, stop me from shopping..


Okay now, I ought to go back wrapping this stuff!

What am I stressing over now is an oxford shoe at the top on this snapshot.
I was supposedly ordered the heel instead of this oxford shoe.
I was type a wrong code to my supplier.

And 'twas my second mistake.
The damned same mistakes.
The first one was a wrong code saved in the FB account.

How the hell am I gonna resell them?!

Lesson learnt.
Today, I loaded orders to my supplier.
Triple checking.
Loading and loading..
No more mistakes.
And sent!

Wish I don't make any mistakes.
Or I should think about quitting...