Goodbye Kiss

Open your eyes and what do you see?
No more laughs
No more photographs



I detest it to the core when there is delays.
Especially the delays that I cannot do anything about it.
*Boiling points reached!*
I'm so done with this.
Sometimes I think about quitting the business.
I know that when making a business, there's always a risks.
But then again, that's the risks that I'm willingly to take.
To confront the troubles, to comfort the customers when the delays happened and the thing I hate the most is to refund.
Damn. I'm super pissed.
But..I cannot do a thing about it! :(

Ergo, I'm going to lay back and just relax tonight.
No more updates for Red Sepatu.
Just tonight..
I'll start over again tomorrow!
I hope tomorrow's photoshoot will bring back my spirit.

I should thank God that I still have the family, besties and Loverboy around!
They're the reason for living.
And make me stay strong with RS.
And of course they're always there for listening to my rambles!

(p/s: I love you guys to bits!)

Hey, METRONOMY has came out with a new albums!

And it's super catchy!
Me likey.


Live Your Life

Find your life
Don't hide from what you are
And rise before you fall
And hope for something more!


Mini Burgers & Magic Vouchers!

Hi everybodeh!
What are you guys been up to?
(Err, sounds lame huh?)

What I've been up to was this;
I called it MINI BURGERS.

Anym (the roomie) told me that her boyfie is really loovvee to binge on macaroons.
But he always forgot how to call them.
So he called them as mini burgers.
Sho cute!

The story about him makes me very... (fill in the blank!)
I couldn't resist it for any longer.
So my attempt to ask the Loverboy to join me (since everyone's not interested to buy them) bingeing on them at Whisk, Empire Subang was a huge success. Yeay! :D
RM2.20/each. I bought 6 pieces. Total: RM13.20.
Haha. (that's all I can say)
It's actually really small compared to other outlets.
But to eat something finest, they say you should burn your money.
So yeah. No complaint.
I bought pandan, rose, blueberry, red velvet, caramel, orange flavored.
It's chewy and yummy!
Loverboy also love it.. (as a first timer to try)
So $$$ spent there! But then again, money well spent I must say!


What I've bought with my magic vouchers worth of RM200:

A cute files! Bahaha!
I really need this.
At Popular Book Store.
Other than files, I bought corrector tapes, pens & wordsearch. :)

I also bought BOOKS.
I can't help it!
They had a title from Kazuo Ishiguro I've been searching high and low.
Never Let Me Go.
(I've even downloaded the movie! Carey Mulligan is one of the actress, my fave actress!)

Once the ball started rolling, I couldn't stop myself...

Ian McEwan.
Haruki Murakami
Chuck Palahniuk
Sophie Kinsella.
All my fave authors.

My guilty pleasure..


The Kooks - Always Where I Need to Be

I promise I'll post something tomorrow!
I'm such a lazy caaaaaaatt and it's official!
Oh well.


Lover's Spit

You know it's time
That we grow old and do some shit
I like it all that way

Turban Headband!

I normally sleep when everyone gets up from bed.
Especially in the sem break.
Oh well.
But do you know why did I so hard to sleep?

Yes people!
I've been itching to learn how to actually tie them.
In this case, I searched high and low a vintage scarf to dolls up!
(But still didn't find any..)

So here goes! ;

There are three ways on how to tie a turban in this vid.
But I chose to try the third one.

So this is it.
My boo boo edited snapshot.
I was SO rajin to even editing it!
Please ignore my grumpy face.
I haven't got my sleep kot!

(the vintage scarf I got here is my mom's)

Wordsearch, anyone?

Okay fine, I know that seems everything in this cruel world seems hate me a lot, I can't help but think that WORDSEACRH can do some trick! Yes it is!

It seemingly I've got nothing to do throughout the holidays..
So yeah.

Look what word I have found here!

It's actually damned good!
It did distract the feeling of despair that I've been through.
But they say, it makes us (who is wordsearcher) look so anti-social.
(I can't deny that though.)
My dear besties (Aznie, Alin, Aimie & Adil) have evolved too.
Welcome to the club yo!

My eyes have even been crossed eyes these days.