I detest it to the core when there is delays.
Especially the delays that I cannot do anything about it.
*Boiling points reached!*
I'm so done with this.
Sometimes I think about quitting the business.
I know that when making a business, there's always a risks.
But then again, that's the risks that I'm willingly to take.
To confront the troubles, to comfort the customers when the delays happened and the thing I hate the most is to refund.
Damn. I'm super pissed.
But..I cannot do a thing about it! :(

Ergo, I'm going to lay back and just relax tonight.
No more updates for Red Sepatu.
Just tonight..
I'll start over again tomorrow!
I hope tomorrow's photoshoot will bring back my spirit.

I should thank God that I still have the family, besties and Loverboy around!
They're the reason for living.
And make me stay strong with RS.
And of course they're always there for listening to my rambles!

(p/s: I love you guys to bits!)

Hey, METRONOMY has came out with a new albums!

And it's super catchy!
Me likey.